Luxury Men’s Watches

The most desirable luxury men's watches combine elements of expert design, exquisite craftsmanship, and statement-making visual appeal. To help you find the perfect piece, we’ve curated an unrivaled selection of the most remarkable men’s designer watches across a range of styles. Each item in our collection boasts the legacy, authenticity, and precision for which the finest designers are known, and on which we’ve made our reputation. Shop our array of premium watches by style, occasion, brand, or price point to discover the perfect new watch.

The Top Watches for Every Aesthetic

Whether you’re searching for a new addition to your own fine watch collection or looking for the perfect gift, aesthetics are one of the most important factors to consider. Our selection is conveniently organized to encompass an array of styles, including dress watches, diving watches, sport and casual watches, chronograph watches, and more. Explore the top luxury men's watches from Tudor, Hublot, Longines, and Rolex, to name a few. For stylish and sophisticated everyday wear, discover a sports watch for men from the likes of Tag Heuer and Tissot. For those who favor the rugged, yet high-end, appeal of the chronograph style, explore our classic and contemporary designs.

The Most Respected Brands

As all serious watch collectors know, the quality of a premium watch is most often determined by the reputation of the house that created it. That’s why we’ve taken care to hand-select our men’s designer watches only from the industry's top brands. This includes a range of the oldest watch houses, steeped in centuries of the finest Swiss watchmaking traditions, as well as newer highly esteemed brands reflecting the best of both time-honored techniques and contemporary innovation. Whichever brand and model you choose, you can rest assured that each of the luxury men's watches you’ll find here reflects the highest standards of authenticity, engineering, and prestige.

Luxury Watches with an Unrivaled Experience

At Watch Warehouse, we’re dedicated to providing the finest watches, as well as a level of expertise and customer service that is second to none. Each of the luxury men's watches we sell is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity, along with a full satisfaction guarantee. While we are not an authorized dealer of the watches we sell, each watch is fully protected by our independent warranty. With our entire collection readily in stock, each purchase ships quickly and securely, and we are pleased to provide service both domestically and internationally.

Discover the Perfect Piece

For assistance in navigating our series of men’s designer watches, we encourage you to contact our expert staff at (213) 622-8200. We look forward to helping you discover the very best in luxury men's watches.